People look down on me for not flaunting my wealth “Halima Abubakar”

It is somewhat a standard to showcase their material possessions for reasons that are various. And lots of celebrities in the entertainment industry appear to comprehend the sport.

However, for celebrity, Halima Abubakar, who has been for a while in the film business, she said people have a tendency to underrate she’s done for herself since she does not flaunt her wealth and look down on her.

In a meeting with Saturday Beats she stated,”People do a lot (look down ), for example my coworkers, since I am friendly and humble. I get a little because I flows through my veins hurt occasionally. Nevertheless, if things like this happen, I normally go mute and permit the individual to become dumb.

I believe. I believe they will need to take their own lives. Nobody can take (off ) my pleasure. But I will not be dragged into drama that was crap .

Folks like items that are imitation — they prefer to view yet another living a life that is fake and sharing it on the web. But that is not the type of life I wish to call home. I need to be free. I would not go out of the way to become imitation in order for individuals to like me”

Speaking in life in the market, that the Kogi State-born thespian pointed out that there was too imitation smiles in the business.

I really don’t know who my buddies in the business are they have pretentious.

I have people who may struggle for me and love me when I am not there. Calling a person a good deal is entailed by a buddy. My loved ones are taken by me .

See things and I love to hear decent news. I am a beautiful person but I really don’t know the’steak’ (a few individuals have with me).